Thursday, March 24, 2011


I started this blog with a lot of intentions and it just hasn't worked out as I planned it! But, I have made lots of progress in a few different areas since the last post. We have been attending our Dave Ramsey class each and every week. We have learned so much. We did our first official budget. A tough task, especially since we have never done one. This week is going to be really scary.....we have to right down all of our outstanding debts and put them in order from lowest amount to highest amount. This is called the Debt Snowball or Baby Step #2. During class we all had to write down how much we thought we had in debt. I honestly had no idea what to put here because I have always tried to avoid knowing what that number would be. Our leader took everyones numbers and added them up. As an estimate, our class has ONE MILLION DOLLARS in debt. Holy cow! I was amazed. Our class probably has about 15-20 couples in it. Wow was all I could say! We are still working on Baby Step #1 which is to have a $1,000 emergency fund. this is harder than it sounds. There are going to be lots of sacrifices along the way but it will be well worth it when we can scream " WE ARE DEBT FREE!"

On another note, there has been major progress in my life as a step-mom. About 2 weeks ago I took a BIG step and approached Jailan's mom. I said listen, I know we have not been on the best of terms lately but I think we can both see what this is doing to Jailan. I would like to move past this and see if we can make things better. I admitted my faults and all the poor decisions I was responsible for. To my amazement, she agreed. We met for a drink and talked about things. There is still a long road to hoe but at least now we can speak to each other like adults and it isn't awkward when we are in the same place at the same time...ahhhh progress. It truly has lifted a large weight off my shoulders.

Ty and Jailan are keeping us busy. Ty is doing some field events with the track team. He really seems to enjoy it. He started out only doing the pole vaulting. Doug pushed and pushed for him to try something else. So he took Ty out to the track and taught him the high jump. Now Ty is in love. He high jumped in his first meet yesterday and wasn't able to clear the bar but I think he will do great. He seems to have caught on to the pole vaulting as well. It will just take some practice. He is already hounding Doug to take him out to the track this weekend to practice. For those of you that know Ty, that is not the typical Ty. Jailan has turned into quite the baseball player. I think it is going to be his sport. He needs to work a little on catching the ball but as far as hitting goes...I think he is the best on the team!

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